Tax & Tax returns

Complete service in the field of taxes

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Preparation and processing of tax returns (regular, partial, corrective, additional) for domestic and foreign legal and natural persons (including registration of relevant taxes) according to valid legal norms and regulations, including mandatory deductions of withholding and other taxes as part of payroll and HR management of employers' agenda. We also provide registration for Value Added Tax (VAT) for legal entities, including processing of all documents proving the economic activity of the entity, persuant to §92a of the law on VAT. 

  • Value Added Tax / Daň z přidané hodnoty (DPH)

  • Corporate income tax / Daň z příjmů právnických osob (DPPO)

  • Individual income tax / Daň z příjmů fyzických osob (DPFO)

  • Employment tax / Daň ze závislé činnosti (ZČ)

  • Road tax / Daň silniční (DS)

  • Tax on the acquisition of immovable property / Daň z nabytí věcí nemovitých (DNNV)

  • Real estate tax / Daň z nemovitých věcí (DN)

Tax advisory

Complete service in the field of tax advisory and consultation regarding tax management,
cost reduction, taxation of services across European Union and to countries of third world.

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