Intrastat agenda

Customs advisory

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As part of comprehensive service, we provide our clients, who operate in export and import of goods, with advisory on customs issues and international trade, including external Intrastat agenda management.

Our services as part of external Intrastat agenda management
  • creation of effective system for mutual transfer of documents and data

  • retrospective checks and approval of data within reported month

  • generation of Intrastat declaration according to the requirements of Customs Codex

  • reports and outputs according to the parameters of submission of processed and sent reports

  • submission of declarations to the competent customs office

  • electronic data transmission to the customs office

  • written monthly report on the extent of submitted reports for a particular month

  • contractual assumption of responsibility for the accuracy and timeliness of reporting

  • liability for financial damage, that would result from assessment of penalties and fines

  • contractual confidentiality 

  • personal assistance services in case of subsequent control by the customs office

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