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Over 20 years experiences

Start-up support

We provide comprehensive accounting services for both legal and natural persons, including payroll and HR agendas for employers. We have many years of experience in accounting in many different business sectors, ranging from transportation, hotel and catering services, retail, construction, stable management and animal breeding, pharmacy and pharmaceutical industry, rental and property management to manufacturing companies. Our services always comply with cdurrent standards and legal regulations.

  • Single-entry accounting

  • Double-entry accounting

  • Costs and property management

Depending on your needs, our cooperation may take a different form, from temporary support to full management of your accounting. Similarly, the form of processing of your accounting can be varied from the most widespread external accounting through remote on-line access to your economic system, to personal visits of our team members to Your company as part of "Personal Accountant" program.

External processing and accounting management

Processing of your accounting documents is done at PROMIFIN CZECH offices. We deliver individual outputs from accounting, including payroll or reporting, on regular basis, in agreed deadlines and forms. After processing, we will return all accounting documents, including wages, HR documents or bank operations.

Accounting service includes

  • compilation of balance sheets, income statements, accounting sheets

  • management of cash and banking account operations

  • current reports of receivables and payables

  • preparation of payment orders

  • payroll accounting

  • inventory entries

  • warehouse management

  • processing of VAT returns by period

  • compilation and submission of electronic form for reverse charge

  • preparation of documents for Corporate income tax

  • travel allowances and business trips, meals and fares

  • vehicle expenses / reference mode

Depending on your needs, you can use our other services, either as a one-time or as part of your monthly fee. Thanks to our mutual combination of services, we are able to provide you with comprehensive turnkey service in the area of ​​economic and administrative management of your company.

On-line accounting

We also provide accounting services in the form of on-line (remote) access to our POHODA E1 economic system. Processing of your accounting documents is done at PROMIFIN offices. You will then be able to directly see all processed accounting documents, including salaries and HR or bank operations. This solution is also suitable for e-shops running on a platform that supports export of XML data (invoices, delivery notes, warehouse management).

With 24-hour / 7-day access to bookkeeping, you can actively monitor or work on individual system agendas

  • track receivables

  • track liabilities

  • track costs

  • issue invoices

  • manage warehouse

Personal accountant (internal accounting)

The processing of accounting documents takes place at agreed time intervals or as according to actual needs within Your company, where you are visited by our accountant. Accounting documents, including salaries & HR or bank operations will not leave Your company. This reduces the cost of sending documents and security measures against their misuse, damage, or loss during shipping or on-line submission. You have all the information entered into the economic system immediately, and any questions or comments can be solved on the spot.

Více informací o službách interního vedení účetnictví najdete na webu

Economic system POHODA E1

Ekonomický a informační systém POHODA je komplexní systém pro řízení ekonomiky malých, středních a velkých firem. Je oborově neutrální a vhodný pro fyzické i právnické osoby. Umožňuje vést účetnictví i daňovou evidenci, řídit skladové hospodářství a zpracovávat mzdy. Plně vyhoví plátcům i neplátcům DPH, zvládne pobočkové zpracování dat, podporuje import a export dat, homebanking, elektronickou fakturaci i obchodování na internetu. Legislativní a funkční aktualizace, komplexní uživatelská podpora poskytovaná přímo výrobcem.


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